Services & Maintenance

Besides of sales diesel generator sets and engine waterpump, Fawde Indonesia also serve for services and maintenance for diesel generator sets and engine waterpump, we are ready to serve and help all of your problem and troubleshooting that happen on your unit anytime anywhere. With experience technician that we have and have a lot of experience to handle troubleshooting of the engine, we believe Fawde Indonesia can be your best partner to handle your engine, so you don't have to worry about it, and trust your diesel generator sets and engine waterpump to Fawde Indonesia

Customer satisfication is our top priority, so that's why we always try and try to give our best services for our customer with the best result after services the unit with us, we gave the warranty after services and check periodically for the unit. The Customer don't to worry about our services from Fawde Indonesia.

Why you have to choose us for services & maintenance your diesel generator Sets and engine waterpump to fawde indonesia?

AUthorized dealer

FAW Jiefang has been appointed Fawde Indonesia as authorized dealer for diesel generator sets and engine waterpump and we always use the SOP for works so that can minimize the error.

reliable & experienced technician

Our technician already get trained from FAW Jiefang, so its not difficult for them to solve troubleshooting of your diesel generator set and engine waterpump.

fawde original sparepart

Fawde Indonesia guarantee for all the sparepart that we use are 100% original from fawde, with original part your engine will be durable for use and the perform of the engine will be stable.

official warranty

Fawde Indonesia gave warranty for each works that we do before, and monitoring via online and come to the site if needed.

Type of Services & Maintenance

(tune up)

Scope Of Work

  • Replacement of engine oil, fuel filter. oil filter and air filter. 
  • Check or add coolant water and battery water.
  • Check of protection system.
  • Check of instrument unit.

Top general overhaul

Scope Of Work

  • Services and replacement head cylinder.
  • Injection pump calibration.
  • Check of the nozzle.
  • Replacement of the filters.
  • Check of cooling system and electrical.

semi overhaul

Scope Of Work

  • Replacement part of head seal, conrod bearing, piston ring, kit sets(liner & piston) & nozzle.
  • Injection pump calibration.
  • Replacement of the filters.
  • Services of the radiator, turbo and waterpump.
  • Cleaning of air filter.
  • Check of starter dinamo starter and charger dinamo.
  • Check of wirring and electrical.
  • Replacement of engine oil.

general overhoul

Scope Of Work

  • Replacement part of head seal, conrod bearing, main bearing, nozzle, seal shaft (rear & front), pluger/ valve delivery injection pump.
  • Services of turbo.
  • Check of starter dinamo.
  • Check charger dinamo.
  • Services of cooling system.
  • Replacement filters.
  • Check the unit.
  • Check of wirring and system protection.
  • Cleaning of fuel tank.